Homemade Mosquito Repellent – Say NO to Pesticides!

One of my favorite childhood memories and something that will crack up the whole family when rewatching the home video: My brothers are playing a little league game, and my mother is out in the bleachers. The focus is on my brothers, but you can hear my mother constantly slapping herself to stop the mosquitos. Finally, my snobby mother says “Can’t they spray out here??”. It gets us every time!

When going on a camping trip, you will have to take along enough equipment to last you through the trip. You will definitely remember to add the tent, food, mattresses and some of the other basic essentials of a camping trip on the camping supply list. However, it is highly possible for you to forget an important member of the camping supply list, the mosquito repellent!

No camping trip will be enjoyable without a mosquito repellent. You can buy many of the best mosquito repellents from any camping equipment store or perhaps make some homemade mosquito repellent to take along on the camping trip.

An idea of a homemade mosquito repellent is to put some water on a white plate. You then add some drops of lemon joy dishwashing soap and place this concoction where you sit. Mosquitoes that are attracted to the plate will drop dead in the plate or somewhere near by. Growing Thai lemon grass provides a good homemade mosquito repellent. Once it grows, you cut some grass to rub its stalk on your skin. This wards off mosquitoes.

Another homemade mosquito repellent is made by mixing catnip oil with a little grain alcohol. This mixture is placed in a mister to work as a spray repellent. So if you are one of those who love using homemade camping gear on a camping trip, add the homemade mosquito repellent to your camping supply list.

Besides the mosquito repellent, another addition to your klamboe camping supply list would be some mosquito netting fabric for protection from mosquitoes. Instead of buying some mosquito repellent, sometimes it is the homemade mosquito repellent that is most effective. Homemade mosquito repellant is not only affordable; it sometimes provides better results than other mosquito repellents. Of course, the greatest benefit of homemade mosquito repellent is that it is a repellent that is made devoid of any chemicals. There is no chance of any allergies or skin irritations emerging after using homemade mosquito repellents.

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